Search by number of guests

Last week we published a much requested feature for Web Bookings, our booking engine: search by number of guests.
This is something pretty common but which we had not included in the first place, thinking that for small lodges, it is not bad for people to see all the alternative rooms offered when they make a search for availability.
With the advent of the rate plans though, and the “Per person” pricing rule, searching by number of guests could have an impact on the price of a specific room.
So, now, when people search without specifying the number of guests, they will get the same results they used to get till now, which means rooms will be presented and priced at full capacity.
If they specify the number of guests, then the system will return only the rooms that can accommodate at least as many guests. But the price will take into account the “Per person” price rule and might be different, if this is desired.

Webookings is available to the subscribers of all plans but Basic and Free.

We hope that this new feature will help you boost your bookings.

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