Who we are

Discoveroom is a European start up, based in Athens,Greece. After a busy year of trials and prototype building, we were incorporated in July, 2013. We are funded by the Jeremie Openfund II which helps entrepreneurs with fresh and ground breaking ideas. So far, we have had three rounds of investment, pre-seed in October 2013 and seed in July 2014 and June 2015. We are building a suite of apps that is set to revolutionize the hospitality industry for small lodgings, B&Bs and guest houses. Find out more about our vision and search the site about how you can benefit.

our vision

Our vision is to change the hospitality industry by providing small lodges with the tools that will help them to offer high quality services to their clients and compete with the larger players on a better standing.


Ambitious startups are made by ambitious people. Our team has a lot of talented and high aiming individuals in stock. We're always on the lookout for new ones to join us, too! If you are ambitious, have a thirst for learning and love working in a team, then get in contact. We don't mind who you are or where you're from; male or female, European or African, young or old, as long as you want to help Discoveroom grow with us.