New Reservation Field: Paid amount

Amidst the coronavirus crisis, we dare to not stop our efforts to impove our offering. With this mindset, we released today a new version of our apps (web and mobile) with a small but important change: we have added an extra field in the reservation form, to track the client payments.

This is a pretext of a much bigger change which is underway: a full client payments management module, that will be released in due time.

For now, with the new field, you can track payments separately from the advances. The field for the advances it was kind of confusing one. It was meant to track both the advance agreed and the advance (or any other amount) paid.

From now on, this will be a lot clearer: the advance field will be used only for the Advance agreed. All payments should go to the Paid field, as per the image below.


Mobile apps for both iOs and Android have been updated to reflect this change.

On top, for the iOs app, there is one more cosmetic change: we have moved the green button that used to be in the bottom right of the Home screen, up to the top bar of the same screen, on the left of the magnifying glass icon.  In its place, we  brought the chat button, which, from now on, will also be present in all screens. The change is meant to facilitate the users that have questions, to send them to us, without having to leave the screen they are currently working.

The change will be applied to the Android apps too, at a later time.

Stay tuned for the bigger changes but, most importantly, stay safe.


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