Important announcement: Limiting the Free Plan

Back in March 2014 we started offering Discoveroom Reservations for free. Although it was innovative and the first truly mobile Reservations Management System for the accommodation industry, we knew that it was limited. It lacked some essential functionality that the bigger systems had. But this was by design. We planned to offer this kind of extra functionality under a paid scheme and make a living off it.

In the months passed we found out that people loved the free app and they were more than happy to stay with it. So new users kept coming by the hundreds and then by the thousands. And now we find ourselves in the peculiar position of having a very successful free app which requires a demanding infrastructure and sending our server bills up to the sky.  This is not sustainable.

So, despite our contrary wish, we need to pass back a part of this cost  to our users, especially those that make the most intensive use. But since we do not want to abolish the free plan completely, we have decided to limit it allowing only a certain number of reservations to be entered in the system under the free plan.

As of September 21st, we will allow only 6 reservations per calendar month to be entered in the system.  This amounts to 72 reservations per year, a number that our stats show that will be enough for many vacation rentals or other small lodges.

The limit will apply to September too, so if you have reached the limit by then you will either have to upgrade or wait for the next calendar month.

If you are under the Free plan and you find the new reservation limit restricting, you will have to upgrade to the Basic Plan, which is limitless and also offers superior functionality.

The Basic Plan is extremely cheap: 5 Euros per month. This isn’t much of a charge but will pay for the infrastructure that make our apps possible.

If you appreciate our apps, please help us to keep offering them.


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