Video guides

How to


First steps to work with the app: Lodging owner's registration and email verification

Lodging Setup - Basic (Details, Roomtypes, Rooms)

Setting up a lodging starts by filling-in its general details and, then, by creating room types and rooms. Watch these tasks being performed in this order.

Lodging setup: Advanced (Channels, Rateplans)

To further fine tune your lodging setup, you need to define rate plans (with seasonal or ad hoc pricing) and channels, that is, partners you work with, like traditional travel agents or OTA's (=Online Travel Agents).

Reservations Calendar

The reservation calendar is the screen you will be using mostly for your day to day tasks. This video demonstrates how it works and how to navigate it.

Reservation life cycle

A reservation has a life cycle: first it is entered as tentative, then it is changed to active and when the client arrives to checked-in and checked-out. Midway you might want to change room for the client, or to view the history of actions taken till then. This guide will walk your through these steps.


The Home screen of the app serves as a dashboard for important information, like which reservations require confirmation (i.e. did I receive a deposit?), which clients arrive or depart today.


There are not many things that one has to set to work with the app: the two most important affect the calendar and the dashboard. In this guide you will learn how.